My name is Remigiusz Durka and I’m theoretical physicist. At present I’m working at University of Wrocław as asistant proffesor (adiunkt) in Department of Physics and Astronomy.

My CV: soon (first must update latst year!)

My research focuses on gravity and supergravity models in a variety of generalizations (Lovelock theory, MacDowell-Mansouri formulation, BF theory, resonant/Maxwell algebras) as well as black holes thermodynamics, and Taub-Nut spacetime (supposedly representing gravitational analog of the magnetic monopole). In recent years, I also incread intrest in research related to symbolic computing within framework of General Relativity.

Research: gravity, Taub-NUT spacetime, algebraic enlargements, symbolical GR calculations

Publications: ORCID + inspire + researchgate

My classes: https://remigiuszdurka.wordpress.com/teaching/

My blog feed: https://remigiuszdurka.wordpress.com/blog/ (constantly promising myself to start doing stuff there… so far without succes due to all the duties)

Mail: remigiusz.durka [email at] uwr.edu.pl

Website: remigiuszdurka.wordpress.com

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